Hey there and welcome to Not Exactly Brain Surgery! This is a little blog set-up by me to try and show science isn’t as scarily complicated as everyone thinks. I’ll be trying to post a short blog once a week explaining an aspect of science or medicine in an interesting way that everyone can understand.

So a little about me, my name’s Dan and I’m currently a final year studying Neuroscience at the University of Leeds, UK. I’m planning to go into a career in Science Communication and hope to use this blog to improve my skills and document my progress (….or failure) in the field. As I have spent the last three years of my life studying Neuroscience (the brain and spinal cord) most of what I write about will be on the human body, as it is what I have the most experience with. However, I may branch out to other fields if I feel I am able to.

Well that’s about everything from me. So come back to my blog next week and together we’ll see that it’s not exactly brain surgery after all!


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